Exploring the unknown

Here at tinyHippos we get to work on some awesome stuff, building a phone emulator that runs inside a browser forces us to push the boundaries of web development, morphing the browser to our wills. Ripple has had a nagging bug for a long time, although, not a show stopping bug, however it did take away from the user experience and was preventing developers from writing code in certain ways.  None the less this bug was a thorn in our side and caused us to feel less than awesome about Ripple.  People would rave to us about how great our emulator was and how much it was helping them solve their problems, but we could only focus on its shortcomings.

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PhoneGap + Ripple – The Best is Yet to Come

I am a big lover of jazz and this past weekend the KW Symphony Orchestra performed a tribute to Frank Sinatra. As I watched the orchestra play I kept looking over at the bass section. The three of them would spend a large portion of the song sitting idle, only to ready themselves once or twice during the piece to play a fill or accentuate a note. Although their contribution to the song as a whole was small, it is without question that they helped create something great.

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The tinyHippos team is moving!

The tinyHippos headquarters will be moving November 1st, 2010.  We will now be located at The Tannery. No you won’t find us tinyHippos in the lush Tannery side along with the Big Wigs — YET!  But you can find us on the 4th floor of the cool side – the Artisan Wing.  We are currently finishing up the painting, trim and the electrical.  We are just waiting for the windows to be installed and we’ll be ready to roll!

Check out some pictures of the progress.

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jWorkflow: A JavaScript Workflow Framework

Dude Where’s my workflow?

While working on large javascript projects at tinyHippos we would commonly end up with a rather complex bootstrapping process where we need to execute a large amount of initialization code in a specific order. Some of this code is asynchronous and some is synchronous.

We would start out with a series of events and function calls to attempt to chain together the bootup but it would quickly become hard to inject in new tasks. This prompted us to use the tinyHippos mantra “There has to be a better way”.

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