About Us

Ever do something over and over again, scratch your head, and say to yourself… “There just has to be a better way!!!” That’s what we’re all about.

We are developers, entrepreneurs, and geeks. We have extensive experience in web and mobile widget/web development and we’re building tools to help make mobile widget and mobile web development less painful.

The team

the tinyHippo team!


Mark J. McArdle: Chief Executive Officer

mark [at] tinyhippos [dot] com

Twitter: @mjmcardle

Mark is a seasoned technology executive, with over 18 years of technical experience in some of the best brands in Technology. His early career started as a software developer at MKS and Open Text. This lead to his desire to “do an Internet start-up” in Silicon Valley. In 1996 he left Waterloo and joined PGP Inc., a security start-up based in Redwood Shores.

McAfee acquired PGP in 1997, where Mark remained for the next 11 years. He held various increasingly senior roles and was the Sr. VP of Consumer Product Development upon his retirement in 2008. In this role, he was responsible for the Engineering and Product Management functions in a 400+ person organization that spanned the globe. His products were responsible for in excess of $650M in revenue annually, supporting over 30 million users and were instrumental in the growth of McAfee’s success.

After taking a year off to enjoy some personal travel and challenges, Mark joined the Venture Services Group of Communitech in September 2009 as an Executive-in-Residence. He has worked closely with many early stage technology companies in Waterloo, including tinyHippos.

Mark and the founders of tinyHippos realized there was a shared passion for their mission, and Mark accepted the position of CEO in November 2010.

Mark is a board member of iLookabout, a TSX-listed street-level imagery technology company based in London, Ontario.


Dan Silivestru: Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

dan [at] tinyHippos [dot] com

Twitter: @confusement

Dan has been a technologist ever since he can remember. He started at a young age, by taking apart his toys and his grandfathers pocket watch just so that he could see how they worked. This passion for learning was funnelled into a career as a software developer and entrepreneur. Over the years Dan has applied his skills and passion to various projects, always learning and never being afraid to challenge the status quo. Dan brings over 13 years of experience as a developer and leader to his current role as co-founder and CTO of tinyHippos Inc.


Pj Lowe: Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer

Pj [at] tinyHippos [dot] com

Twitter: @pj_MamaHippo

Pj aka Mama Hippo (if you have had the pleasure of meeting her, you know we don’t mean her size!) runs the show and is the heart of the team.  Pj comes to tinyHippos with a degree from the University of Guelph and over a decade of experience in Human Resources and Payroll Management. She combines her management and mothering skills to keep the operations of the company (and the boys) running smoothly.  Along with being a co-founder of the company, Pj is the Chief Operations Officer, please feel free to contact her at anytime!


Brent Lintner: Co-Founder and Chief Software Engineer

Brent [at] tinyHippos [dot] com

Twitter: @brentlintner

Brent has been engaged in anything and everything to do with computers for as long as anyone can remember. It started out by building computers from scratch to sampling varieties of languages and programming patterns, to just writing code for the fun of it.  Brent once chose to spend a summer writing his own AJAX library rather than taking a co-op placement or paying job!  His passion for both web and mobile development has been a driving force for tinyHippos and he has brought those skills to the table as co-founder and Chief Software Engineer. With a passion and thirst for programming, knowledge, and life in general, Brent has no intention of stopping anytime soon.  His motto is “There is never an unsolvable problem. A solution can always be deduced. You just need to think about it.”


Gord Tanner: Code Poet

Gord [at] tinyHippos [dot] com

Twitter: @gordtanner

Gord brings over 6 years of experience in software development to tinyHippos, but his love affair with computers and technology goes back way longer than that. He put up his fist BBS back in 1994 and has been addicted to making computers do awesome things ever since. Gord’s passion, energy, and pragmatism will surely help do great things here at tinyHippos Inc.

We encourage you to contact us to find out more.

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