Ripple v0.5.0 Released: Announcing BlackBerry WebWorks Support

It has only been a month since we announced the acquisition of tinyHippos by RIM. But what a great month it has been! We’ve had a great time getting comfortable in our new environment and have had the pleasure of working with some really awesome people here.

Today, we are very pleased to announce that we are adding support for BlackBerry WebWorks 2.0.0 to Ripple. This support includes most of the APIs in the WebWorks stack as well skinning for 3 supported BlackBerry devices (The BlackBerry Torch, BlackBerry Bold, and the BlackBerry PlayBook).

If you don’t already have Ripple installed, we invite you to install it and take it for a test drive. You can also visit our docs page to see the extent of the WebWorks support as well as what’s new in this release.

We also invite you to read more about this release and other great news about the WebWorks road map on the BlackBerry developer blog.

Happy coding!

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2 Responses

  1. We absolutely will be continuing to support cross platform web app development in Ripple.

  2. I’m only just discovering Ripple. Since you’ve been acquired by RIM – does that mean the death of this product as a cross platform web app development tool? Will it now be RIM focused? I’m reluctant to get my hopes up and even try this tool if it’s destiny is to go onto the scrap heap of great ideas killed through acquisition and put on the road to proprietary oblivion.

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