Ripple 0.4.0 :: Sencha, JQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, WAC … Oh My!

As usual, when things go silent on this blog it means that great things are brewing here at tinyHippos. We have been working really hard to make Ripple much more stable, usable, and we added some really cool features. This release, in our humble opinion, brings Ripple into the mainstream. We now have full support for some great mobile web JavaScript / UI frameworks.

Here are the features and bug fixes included in this release

- Accelerometer: A new interface for controlling the accelerometer. You really have to use it to appreciate it.
– Full support for mobile web JavaScript / UI frame works like jQTouch, Sencha, etc.
– API objects are available immediately, you no longer need to wait for the document load event
– Improved loading time
– Support for WAC 1.0 spec

You can find our full change log here:

We had a lot of fun on this release, we even built some of the features while on the move :-)

So how can you get the latest and greatest? If you already have Ripple installed, it will just auto update. To get Ripple please go to the download page and install it, only takes a couple of seconds!

Once you’ve installed Ripple, you can visit our docs site to learn more about using it:

Happy coding!

The tinyHippos team.

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2 Responses

  1. And now that Opera released the alpha version of an Android Widget Runtime with WAC 1.0 support, the key components for building HTML5 based widgets for Android based on WAC are there.

  2. Excellent news! That looks like you are on-board the ICE train in Europe. ;-) Was really great to meet you here.

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