PhoneGap + Ripple – The Best is Yet to Come

I am a big lover of jazz and this past weekend the KW Symphony Orchestra performed a tribute to Frank Sinatra. As I watched the orchestra play I kept looking over at the bass section. The three of them would spend a large portion of the song sitting idle, only to ready themselves once or twice during the piece to play a fill or accentuate a note. Although their contribution to the song as a whole was small, it is without question that they helped create something great.

Here at tinyHippos we have been following the development of PhoneGap ( They have released a mobile-spec for their platform which is a series of unit tests that asserts that the expected API methods are present on the device. The project is hosted on github (here) and is available for everyone to use and add too. It wasn’t something we have seen before while working on other platforms and when compared to the amount of code that goes into developing a mobile platform it isn’t a huge portion of the codebase. When I grabbed the source and started running it on Ripple ( I was reminded of the bass section and how their small addition to the song made it into something great.

I took the time this weekend to add in support for passing a large portion of the unit tests for phonegap. The experience was amazing and I was able to quickly build up support for the portions of phonegap that was missing from ripple:

We only have most of the framework stubbed in at the moment, but the framework exists in ripple in it’s entirety. We understand that this is a small addition to our emulation of the platform but we hope that you agree that it is the building blocks of a great testing platform.

If you would like to try Ripple and give us some feedback of what you think, you can download the beta here.

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