DemoCamp Guelph – recap

Last night we had the great pleasure of presenting at DemoCamp Guelph 12 along with some other really interesting presentations. did a great job of summarizing the presentations so I encourage to read his post :-)

This was our first DemoCamp Guelph and the turn out was remarkable. The venue was great, but a little small for the number of people that came out. Special thanks to Brydon for putting on this event and providing a great value for community in and around Guelph!

Our demo went rather well with the exception of my laptop crashing right at the beginning :-) From now on, I’m not hibernating my Windows machine 10 min before a demo! The one observation I had about trying to present a product in 5 min is… 5 min is a really short time!!! I remember being in 5th grade and having to do an oral report that needed to take 5 min and thinking that was such a long time. It’s funny how perceptions change when you’re actually talking about something you’re extremely passionate about :-)

ps… Brent’s the one representing in his awesome Batman shirt :-)

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4 Responses

  1. Agreed about “presenting a product in 5 minutes” but to be honest DemoCamp was never intended for demo’ing entire products. For people with products, it’s likely best to focus on a specific feature set or area of the product. More like here’s a piece of our product and this is how we built it rather than trying to show an entire product.

    • That’s a good point and to be honest, when we first signed up to demo we didn’t think we’d have our product actually fully functional so the plan was to just show bits and pieces of it :-)

      • it would be stressful trying to demo an entire product. I’ll try to get more materials up and available that speak to that as we get our site built out. Maybe a simple ‘demo’er prep doc’ is needed at this point?

      • I think that’s a good idea. I like the thought of coming out and doing a demo on one little thing that you did that was cool or helpful. That way it’s not a whirlwind presentation and the crowed can actually get some details as opposed to just struggling to keep up with a presenter that’s talking a mile a minute :-)

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