A small OMG moment

I’ve read many entrepreneur, VC, and Angel blogs over the past few years. At some point each and every one of the authors of those blogs mention a particular moment in time when they realized that a product, company, person, etc. was just going to make it. Maybe “make it” is a strong statement, but there was definitely a realization that they were on the right path and what they were trying to create was bringing real value to someone.

I am proud to say, that I now know what that moment in time feels like!

Yesterday, we got an email from the interactive media design shop we’ve worked with in the UK to deliver Mobile Widgets to Vodafone Europe. One of their developers had been struggling with one of their widgets. They had spent a couple of days trying to track down a classic “Heisenbug” (see this Wikipedia article). Since they knew we were working on a tool that might help with the testing and debugging of Mobile Widgets, they reached out to us to see if we could help shed some light on the matter.

Seeing that our tool offers a great deal of visibility into what’s going on inside a widget, we were able to: reproduce the bug instantly, diagnose it, fix it, and retest it… All in less then 20 min!

This was it! It was the first time we’ve put our tool to work with code from out there “in the wild” and managed to prove it’s effectiveness. I cannot tell you how good a feeling that was. Knowing that we’ve built something we thought would be useful and actually having that proven out.

To all of you that are out there right now, building/coding/innovating; don’t stop! That one moment in time is definitely worth all of those caffeine fueled sleepless nights :-)

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4 Responses

  1. You’re a real deep thinker. Thanks for snharig.

  2. Congratulations! Feels great when your efforts pay off!!!


  3. This was just us extending a helping hand and taking the opportunity to put our product through it’s paces.

    First one is always free :-)

  4. I guess the question left is “Did they pay you?”



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